The main thing you, the website owner, needs are business goals for your website. Whether you want to find leads, create brand awareness, sell products or services online, or other business goals, make those decisions. That is the starting point and we can go from there.
You can purchase your own domain name and hosting or we can do it for you. Our suggestion is that you purchase your domain name. The reason is the exact domain name that you want may not be available. So while you are online, the domain company you are using will offer suggestions or your can come up with your own at that time and make the purchase before the domain gets away.
When it comes to the hosting, most domain companies sell hosting as well and will most likely offer you a deal to buy both. You are not required to buy hosting from them however. Domain names and hosting packages can be purchased separately.
Yes we do. One important decision for the site owner is who will do the updates and maintenance once the site is complete. If the site owner or a member of their staff is not prepared to take on this task, it is important to purchase a maintenance plan. Our maintenance plans include content updates, software updates, and website backup.